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couple? you are both happily married. >> good communication. >> laugh a lot. >> solve marriage problems in advance of them taking place. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly, shepard smith is up now. >> shepard: a california neighborhood incinerated in seconds. ahead, the search for a cause and the efforts to put out the fire live on scene. expecting a live news conference moments from now. in box no. two, the war in afghanistan. has president karzai's efforts to reach out to the taliban alieniated crucial allies in the country? a friend of the program and the author of the world's most dangerous places weighs in live from here. in box no. three, meet one of the engineers helping to rebuild at ground zero. it is part of our continuing series the rise of freedom. that is all ahead on a very busy day on studio b.
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but first from fox at 3:00, a special edition today, live on the banks of new york liberty state park. less than 2,000 feet from the statue of liberty. not much farther from the city of new york in a place meant as a gift to the nation to mark the bicentennial in 1976. we would have been able to see the twin towers rising above the skyline just behind me. the following day, 9/11 the deadliest terror attacks ever on american soil. we will be here this hour on studio b and tonight for the fox report and tomorrow broadcasting live from liberty state park for a special saturday edition of the fox report. it is really nearly impossible to come to this time of the year without thinking about terrorism and national security. we all know it. the former heads of the 9/11
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commission know it as well and they were aware of that when they held a news conference in washington. they warned of the shifting threat to america and the possible forms that terrorism could take really at any moment. >> today, america faces a dynamic threat that has diversify to a broad potential array of attacks from shootings to car bombs to simultaneous suicide attacks to attempted inflight bombing of passenger aircraft and that this is the state of affairs that as we approach the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks is cause for concern. >> shepard: cause for concern. maybe a bit of an understatement really. especially when considering one of the main warnings in the group's brand new report, the authors say some of the most serious threat to americans are other americans. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with me overlooking lower manhattan. a disturbing report on many
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different levels. >> it is because it paints a picture of a rising tide of domestic radicals in the united states. it says we should expect suicide attacks on american soil. it points out that the shooter in the fort hood massacre probably expected to die himself during that attack and it says incidents like the fort hood shootings and the attempted bombing in times square here in new york earlier this year should not be seen as random events but as part of a coordinated pattern drawn up by our terrorist enemies. listen now to one of the authors of that report. >> attacks and plots of the past year or so are not and should not we regarded as one offs as we are often told. rather, we see them as part of a broader strategy embraced by our adversaries by al-qaeda and its affiliates and associates to flood us in essence with multiple threats from a diverse array of adversaries.
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>> bottom line, shep, it is a growing threat and one we need to act to deal with quickly. >> shepard: how are these american citizens being radicalized? >> they say it is being done by men like anwar al-alwaki. he is reaching out and others are reaching out to young muslim americans. >> this people can recruit on the internet. some are very charismatic and seem to be able to speak to young and impressionable people who happen to be muslims. that is one factor. second, i think is a change of strategies as the report pulls out. al-qaeda is trying to do this
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because they have been unsuccessful in doing the big threat which they would like to, they decided they can disrupt us this way. >> and they say that there are more and more of these young radical muslims being recruited every day here in the united states, shep. >> shepard: not that surprising we are playing catchup here, jonathan. >> in some of the most blunt language in the report, we are stumbling blindly and they say we have not reacted quickly enough to the growing domestic threat and we should have learned from incidents like the london bombing on the tubes there in 2005. they also say we have not reacted to warning signals like the attempted christmas day jet bombing over detroit. the white house says they are looking at this combating domestic terrorism is an urgent part of the national security
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strategy, shep. >> we are moments away from a news conference in the state of california. we are expecting to get new information on the deadly explosion that happened last night and turned dozens of homes into pieces of charred wood and brick. you can see the setup and they are about to hold the news conference. there are conflicting reports on how many people lost their lives because there is still no official number of missing but we are told some people in the neighborhood literally ran for their lives. the explosion ripped through the neighborhood yesterday, ripped through the neighborhood yesterday evening, destroying 54 homes, damaging more than 100 other homes and melting cars parked on the street. witnesses say flames shot ten stories into the air. and here is how they describe the fire. >> it just would not stop. we knew it was some kind of gas main because it kept going, literally 100 feet flames. it was amazing. >> all the windows in the house
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shook and the house felt like it was shaking. >> shepard: a worker for the gas company says crews have not figured out what caused the blast but the company president said a 30-inch gas pipe broke 3 feet underground. this is happening in the town of san bruno, california, which is about 10 miles south of san francisco and that is where claudia cowen joins us now. what is the latest from the scene there? i know we are waiting for a news conference. >> we are. the explosion happened an eighth of a mile down the street behind me behind that chain link sense where there is a neighborhood in a gully of sorts, when this was going flames were shooting upwards of 50 feet up so quite a spectacle. because some of the homes continue to smolder at this hour police are keeping everyone back out of an abun dance of caution. the focus will be on dousing the hot spots and using search dogs to go from door to door to
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try to account for all of the residents this tight knit middle class community near san francisco and not far from the airport. authorities are saying there could be more casualties. the official death toll stands at 4 with more than 50 people injured and a number of people have suffered serious burns. >> shepard: and in addition a number of reports from witness after witness, people saying that they saled natural gas and they have really for weeks. >> as long as six weeks ago according to one report. a number of residents saying they had complained to pg and e about smelling odors in the area prior to this. officials say they cannot confirm the reports. they are going through the record to find out who may have called and when. you mentioned the pipe that we are talking about could be more than 50 years old, buried three or four feet deep into the ground and this is not the first time that pg and e had to
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deal with a deadly explosion here in california. an incident in san francisco in 1994 as well as in sacramento on christmas eve of 2008. pg and e says if they are found to be responsible they will take accountability. >> shepard: pg and e runs the electric and gas there. it is my underand iting that the national transportation safety board is investigating this. people probably know them from investigating train wrecks and airplane crashes but this isn't so unusual for them. >> no. along with plane crashes the national transportation safety board is also the agency in charge of investigating natural gas pipeline accidents. like the accident i mentioned in sacramento on christmas eve in 2008 when they found that pg and e was responsible because it used the wrong pipes in a repair job four years earlier.
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a team is here leading the federal investigation into the tragedy to try to determine what went wrong and who is to blame. >> shepard: claudia cowen live on scene for us. thank you very much. we are waiting this news conference to begin. we were led to believe it would happen at noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern and they are running a few minutes late. we are hoping to get a number of facts together from the news conference when it begins shortly. meantime, trace gallagher in the west coast news hub, this was beginning quite frankly on the east coast as i was falling asleep last night and the images were just surreal. >> i was watching this 20 minutes after 6:00 on the west coast shepard. watch turk online. images were unbelievable. the flames shooting into the sky. claudia was talking about the pipes underneath the neighborhoods are 50 years old and if you look across the country and you look at the flames here, people across the country need to be concerned
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because there are two million miles of natural gas pipelines running beneath this country and in those situations you have to have some inspections, right? most of the time you talk about pacific gas and electric and they are really in charge of policing themselves. there is an organization or a federal organization called pipeline and hazardous materials administration but they are only responsible for inspecting 7% of the nation's natural gas lines. a very small amount. the companies themselves have to do most of the policing. the pipe that we are talking about in particular, 50 years old. 24 inches wide. they have been smelling gas there for weeks. this thing punches, we have to go to the press conference. pumps enough fuel really if it exploded it can cause an impact of several football fields long, shep. >> shepard: it is my underand understanding that the news
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[ man ] easy? easy. [ man ] greatcall or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. fr is good. [ man ] freestyle lite te strs. call or click today. >> shepard: 13 minutes afternoon now in northern califnia and the news conference regarding the overnight explosion or last night's explosion and the overnight fires in northern california was scheduled to begin 13 minutes ago. they are leading us to believe it will begin shortly and
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pictures have become sort of television wall paper if you have been watching it a lot. imagine standing in your home or in the front yard and looking up to ten stories of flames in the middle of a very densely populated sort of bedroom community outside of san francisco. ten miles to the south or so. so we are waiting to hear exactly what happened there, about the number of people missing and the rest and we will get to that live as the news conference begins moments from now. >> shepard: here in the shadows of the statue of liberty ahead of tomorrow's commemoration of the attacks of 9/11, today action in a war started in direct response to the attacks. coalition forces report that nato air strike has killed a high level insurgent commander and we are told the now dead militant leader had been planning a bomb attack in kabul ahead of the pa parliamentary
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election there's. they tracked the commander and two other militants to a field and took action but only after ensuring no civilians were are in the area. with us is robert pelton. he has been to afghanistan many times. we keep hearing of the same stuff over and over again with the concerns for civilians. >> the good news is that they have thoroughly penetrated the transportation network out of pakistan and they are able to predict and five the groups even before they get to kabul and they know where most of the safe houses are and you are seeing more action in kabul with arrests and asass nations and actions. >> shepard: this seems to be less and less about a big military and more and more about one guy doing one job door to door. >> right. they are trying to keep up the newsbeat. they want something coming out of kabul or afghanistan on a
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daily or weekly basis? >> who is they? >> the three networks. the north unit and the tribe. >> shepard: the war lords. >> they work for the pakistani is i-back in the old days and you are seeing a methodical transportation of people and explosives into kabul to undermine the legitimacy of the karzai government before the election on the 18th. what we are supposed to report on is kabul has gone to hell and there are bombs attacks and kidnappings, minor incidents when you look at the entire country. >> shepard: there is a government problem or lack of government problem. >> the good news and bad news. the bad news is karzai rules like a dictator. doesn't have the support of most of the people. >> shepard: has great clothes. >> a lower house elected by grass roots electors. people, kids, women, young businessmen running for political office representing the willie green of th will --e
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people. the bad news is they have no power. looks nice and feels nice but they don't vote on budgets and decide what happens in kabul. there needs to be a transition in which those people then take control of the country so it is a real democracy and not a futile country. >> shepard: foreign in every way, shape, manner and form for them but at the same time we are waiting for somebody to step up and say we are in control. but that is not really reality. >> right now we are the older brother looking over karzai's shoulder. we have to transition to the hands of the population control of their money, troops, security forces. it is not happening fast enough. >> shepard: karzai is reaching out to the taliban and that is causing divisiveness i would guess. >> yes, and no. pakistan is next door. you have to be friends with your neighbors and have some
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kind of tiia log. >> it is a smack in america's face so say why are you bringing the taliban back. one thing to think about is that the taliban is branded as a terrible draconian government. that was ten years ago. we killed off most of the top operational leadership. there is a whole new generation that are media savvy and more moderate but at the same time they want us out and want islamic in place and no place for us or foreigners or western station anwesternization. >> they are charging us with murdering civilians. >> i encourage people to look at the atrocities committed by the taliban. >> most afghans killed in afghanistan are killed by their own people, in other words, the tal hi been a. that is not a healthy sign when you are trying to talk them into coming into the
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government. >> shepard: we are waiting for the news conference to begin. the moment it begins they will interrupt us and go to it. what is a win again? >> we are there to help the afghans stablize their government. in other words, we are holding them up by the shoulders while they are sobering up and getting on with the western station of their government and we are involved in a fight against al-qaeda which is sort of a terrorist organization program. >> shepard: like 20 of them. >> and we are also feeding the money and corruption that you read about in the news. we are hoping to leave the country with enough of a structure so they can resist the outside intervention which caused most of the problems in the past 20-30 years. whether that happens or not is a measure of how deftly we handle the dispute. like a married couple, put them back in the same house, you can argue but don't shoot at each other. the mechanism is not quite
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there yet. look at political structure of afghanistan. there is a healthy grass roots movement there. >> shepard: when are you headed back over? >> two months. >> shepard: what are you going to do there? >> get into trouble as i usually do. >> shepard: nice of you to come eastward. >> a beautiful day. unfortunately, such a sad occasion. >> it is. out in california waiting for the news conference. we were led to believe three minutes ago that the news conference is two minutes away. if we take a live look you can see that they are getting close. trace gallagher we are expecting the lieutenant governor and others or just the lieutenant governor and what are we expecting to learn, trace? >> we are waiting for the mayor of san bruno. we have been told a two minute warning a couple of different times here. what we are really looking for are updates on numbers because we haven't gotten updates the past three and a half four hours. they told us four people killed but that number is likely to go
3:21 pm
up. they are also looking for people, still going house to house. that is key because so far as you see them walk to the microphone, we will stop as soon as they start talking but we have not heard of anybody reported as missing. important when you are talking about these types of scenarios. as soon as they start talking we will stop talking. 38 homes at last check were destroyed. at least seven other homes suffering bad damage. we should get an update on those numbers and the number of victims. we also have at least 50 people in this situation who were hurt. when this thing first happened last night as you look at the pictures on the right-hand side of the screen we first thought this was a plane crash because the flames were so high and san bruno is so close to the san francisco international airport. if you flew out of san francisco you look to the left and you would see san bruno before looking to your right and seeing the golden gate bridge. >> the secretary of the california emergency management
3:22 pm
agency. teamnted to get the team together here to give you the latest updates and information that we have and the circumstances that have changed since this morning. without were ado let me introduce the acting governor, lieutenant governor. >> thank you, matt. and from this morning i want to start by saying that we are still in the response stage. yesterday i signed an executive -- excuse me, yesterday i signed a state of emergency to help the local community. we are still at 38 homes destroyed. 7 minor to moderate damage. we are still at four fatalities and we are leaving the rest for the coroner to talk about. it is now the fire is fully contained with small hot spots
3:23 pm
and we are at 75% of the search completed. so our next step is an executive order. i just signed an executive order that directs state resources to the victims in this incident. for example, important government documents like driver's licenses, birth certificates, real estate documents, they will all be waived of fees to replace them, all those if they were destroyed in the incident. number two, unemployment assistance. today i'm waiving the waiting period for establishing unemployment for our recipients for the victims. so in essence you can apply for unemployment at this moment. number three, i have just directed to coordinate the efforts of allstate agencies to
3:24 pm
assist the local assistance center and the victims of this horrible tragedy. we have also requested small business administration and fema assessors to immediately assess all property and see what additional assistance for the victims of the incident. i would also like to add that pg&e has committed to temporary housing to food, to clothing and other essential needs for the victims. i also would like to state that the red cross is coordinating at the veteran's memorial building in bruno park. i was just there. and the support from the community is amazing. dropping off food, water, clothing, all for the victim i
3:25 pm
want to assure the people of san bruno and the people of california that we are moving quickly to find the cause. it is very, very important to all of us. if i may, just briefly, in spanish. [speaking in spanish] >> shepard: that is the pertinent news so far. not a lot of details except to say that they are getting a lot of assistance there. the fire is fully contained. the number of structures definitively burned is in the dozens. the number of people injured and people who lost their lives seems very much in flux at this moment, trace gallagher or that was the sense from here anyway. >> we were worried all morning long the numbers would rise dramatically with you it stayed the same which is an awful picture but at least in the overall picture it didn't rise the way we thought it would
3:26 pm
rise. 7 -- 75% of the search has been completed. we haven't heard of anybody missing. he said the coroner would add details about those killed in this, the number still stands at four. our sources tell us the number will rise a little bit but he is going to wait until the coroner confirms the fatalities as they keep going through and searching for people who still may be trapped but we have not heard of anybody who was missing in this case. we will keep the numbers going and let you know exactly what the updates are on this tragedy in san bruno. >> shepard: trace thanks very much. and there is more news breaking from the west coast. we have just learned -- 24 is a fox news alert that boxer floyd mayweather just arrested in las vegas including a series of accusations including a domestic violence accusations concerning his ex-girlfriend.
3:27 pm
the las vegas police said he was booked today at the clark county jail on grand larceny charges. being held on $3,000 bail. mayweather's lawyer says the exchange stems from an allegation that mayweather took an iphone from his ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children. harris made a police complaint and sought a protection order yesterday from a family court judge and the lawyer denies that mayweather committed any crime. after the unthinkable theft of an iphone floyd mayweather, jr. is charged and being held in lieu of $3,000 bond. as i lost connection with the studios back in new york we will take a quick commercial break and be back to the banks of new york harbor as studio b continues this friday, september 10, in just a moment.
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>> shepard: 30 minutes past the hour. live at liberty state park on new york harbor where we can see the manhattan skyline. so different from nine years ago. the memories of 9/11 are so clear in our minds of those who lived through it. tonight, fox news reporting takes us back to the day with 9/11 timeline of terror. here is a bit. >> well, it was a gorgeous day. the president arrived just as usual for an event, a two-tiered event. a speech to a crowd in a gym about education.
3:32 pm
>> i was standing at my desk getting ready for my staff meeting downstairs with my senior people and my executive assistance walked in and said a plane hid the world trade center. >> as i was leaving the motorcade i got a page telling me the world trade center was sit by an airplane. as the president was shaking heads to go into the school karl rove told the president the plane hit the world trade center. the president went directly into a holding room. >> i called the president and said mr. president, a plane has hit the world trade center and he said that is a strange accident and i said that i would call him back when we had more information. >> as we were in the small tier event in the classroom i got a second page telling me the second tower had been hit and right away i knew it was terrorism. shortly after i got that page andy carr walked in and whispered in the president's right ear that the second tower was hit and america is under
3:33 pm
attack. i put my back to the press pool and wrote on the back of a legal pad don't say anything yet and i held it up for the president to see. >> shepard: the entire report tonight at 10:00 eastern time, 7:00 p.m. pacific time in greta van susteren's normal slight and tomorrow at 3:00 and 9:00. timeline of terror presented with no commercial interruptions. >> honoring the men around women who lost their lives in the attacks of 9/11 and focusing on the challenges still today. a harvard economist is warning that terrorists do not need conventional weapons like bombs to attack the united states at all. they could strike where the country is already weak, our economy. with us is a harvard economist, the author of "19th street northwest, the tale of terror in the world financial markets." i read your piece the other day with great interest and started thinking about it. they really did try to attack us economically back in the day.
3:34 pm
i'm guessing that this particular spot was no accidental target. >> you are absolutely right. thank you for having me on your program. on 9/11 when the terrorists hit the world trade center not only did they murder thousands of people who work in the financial markets, they were destructive to the financial markets. fortunately the federal reserve acted promptly to stablize the situation but we remain vulnerable to that type of attack.shepard smith an >> shepard: it seemed to me at the time had they been able to reopen the stock market while there was so much fear and the planes went had nynex been able to get down there that day which the mayor wouldn't allow we might have had a freefall that this country wouldn't have withstood. but that didn't happen. there are other ways to get down there. >> perfectly, correct. we had the worst financial crash since the great
3:35 pm
depression and terrorists, even those living in some cave some where will have notice how fragile our financial markets really are. on may 6 the dow spontaneously fell by a thousand points in an hour. when our financial markets are so turbulent it is possible they could be attacked deliberately. >> shepard: how difficult a process is it to guard against that eventuality? >> a long and difficult process. we have to do all the things to strengthen the financial markets. making sure that the banks are not overextenned and aren't involved in risky lending activities. the financial sector reform bill is an important start there. there is also a very important international dimension to this. this crisis started here in the u.s. and then spread around the world but a crisis could happen some where else and come here. what we need is a kind of global financial sprinkler system that would help
3:36 pm
countries that are facing speculative attacks, that are facing financial crises to douse them immediately before this snowballs into a global financial crash. >> shepard: millions had great fears about the tying together of all of our financial markets around the globe. and who might many of those very same people might find this sort of an idea, a global sprinkler system as well intentioned as a frightening thing as well. >> i think it is necessary because of the possibility of a crisis some where spreads very quickly. there are also things like early warning exercises that, for example, institutions like the international monetary fund which is located on 19th street in washington, d.c. hence the title of the book, the early warning exercises like an early warning radar system to help detect crises before they happen and help prevent them.
3:37 pm
>> shepard: come far enough? a lot of work to be done? >> a lot achieved but it lot still needs to be done. >> shepard: what is the first step? >> the first step is specifying the regulations that go behind the financial sector reform bill here, coming to a common understanding with international partners on how much capital banks should hold and this sort of global financial sprinkler system, the early warning exercise. you know, ultimately as we sit on this site where the new freedom towers are going up, one world trade center, their architecture, their design is to make them much more bomb proof than the 1960s technology allowed and what we really want is a financial architecture equally resilient to any type of explosion. >> shepard: makes sense. rex gosh, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> shepard: rebuilding the towers, rex talked about it.
3:38 pm
a pain staking process that will take developers and workers for many years but story is of hope already. including one engineer working on tower four.e t continues in a couple of minutes. goggles keeping the rescue mission safe... and poring those goggles-- the only battery ir life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere.
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keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me. >> shepard: 19 minutes before the hour now on this special edition of studio b we are, well, we are broadcasting live from liberty state park in new jersey off the holland tunnel and across the water from lower manhattan. the twin towers are gone from that skyline obviously but over the next several complex of buildings rising from the ground. today we meet one of the people helping to build the towers. i was pointing at the light over there which went out. i thought they might want to know. anyway, it is part of our continuing series "the rise of freedom." ♪
3:42 pm
>> the my father is an engineer and my parents did a great job in exposing me to all kinds of things, electronic kits and things i can build with and that sparked my interest and really showed me there was no limit to what i could get involved with or find interesting or pursue. >> shepard: the pursuit finds cedar rapids iowa native megan helping to build the world trade center. >> when i'm out there there is quite a bit of work to be done. a lot of activity out there. a lot to review. kind of makes for an intense day. >> shepard: a structural engineer, she is tasked with making the architects plans real. >> the architect comes in and the drawing, part of the job of the structural engineer is to figure out how to support that.
3:43 pm
similar to the bones in your body they are going to be doing the structural work to support the buildings. when you marry those two well, you can get a nice product. we were involved as early on as possible in developing this. it is really an amazing collaboration. people from all different fields that are coming together to see this happen and see the rebuilding take place. so it has been quite an honor. >> shepard: quite an honor, indeed. a lot more going on in the skyline behind me than you might imagine. see the two green buildings right here, right in the middle, about right there, there is a silver looking building if you pull out a little bit you will be able to see it. that is 7 world trade center and that is already finished, 48 stories. there will be a building twice that nice and another twice that size. there it is.
3:44 pm
that is 7 world trade between the two and the new buildings will be double this size and up within a few years and we will be documenting it for continuous coverage throughout this hour, tonight and tomorrow. oh, new phillips' colon health probiotic plus fiber. how's it work? ok, she's gas. he's constipation... and our special fiber helps our prootics so that you can show those symptoms who's in charge. this isn't even my floor. [ elevator bell dings ]
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>> shepard: across in lower manhattan, directly across from the center of the american financial industry in lower manhattan. today, president obama again insistd that his policies are digging the american economy out of the mud but the president also admits progress has been painfully slow and that fellow democrats could be in trouble come election day. but president obama claimd that the white house has a new plan to get things moving and get folks back to work. here, listen to the president. >> these proposals are meant to both accelerate job growth in the short-term and strengthen the economy in the long run. these proposals include a more generous permanent extension of the tax credit that goes to companies for all the research and innovation that they do
3:48 pm
here in america. and i proprose that all american businesses should be allowed to write off all of the investments they do in 2011. >> shepard: but the presidents plans have divided some democrats with centrists against it and now republicans seem ready to seize the opportunity and possibly gain back a number of seats in congress which may be an understatement. with us from washington, chris wallace who is live on his set there. chris, i listened to the speech on the radio today because we were driving around getting a lot of work done and then afterwards i happened to be on some of the partisan how would you say, the partisan commentary shows about them and i'm not quite sure if we were all listening to the same thing. either we are going to hell in a hand basket or everybody is getting better. depends on who you listen to. >> chris: probably not quite either. certainly things aren't getting a lot better. in fact, the story of recovery summer and that is what the white house decided to call it
3:49 pm
is that it has fizzled. the gdp growth has gone from 5% at the end of last year to 1.6%. i think it is 2.5 million americans have lost their jobs net since the stimulus was signed in february of 2009. so you can't say things are getting a lot better. i mean obviously things are not as bad as they were in, what, february, march of 2009 when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month but they are not as good as they were at the end of last year. so if it was this kind of a curve it start to go back down again. >> shepard: the president has talked about putting a new plan into place under which businesses would get tax breaks for investing capital into them. some republican -- well, all republicans it seems as if and then many centrist democrats seem to be against this. can you give us the facts as you understand them about this plan and how it might work? >> chris: well, in terms of the
3:50 pm
tax cuts those are pretty widely accepted ideas including a lot of republicans. let me give you a little piece of information. the idea of the tax holliday in effect for depreciation that could all be written off in one year and the idea of expanding research and development tax credit those were part of john mccain ame agenda in 2008. those were there for the taking when president obama took office. of course, he wanted the stimulus package. two sherrs was democratic social spending and their feeling was that spending more than tax cuts was the way to get the economy out of a ditch. now, because recovery summer hasn't happened they are going to these other ideas but, of course, it is less than two months before a campaign and republicans have some other ideas and, you know, the president was saying this is really about getting the economy going. no, what it is really about is democratic talking points
3:51 pm
versus republican talking points and each side having their narrative as they proceed over the campaign. >> shepard: what are you doing on "fox news sunday" this sunday? >> the president announced he has a new top economist at the white house. the new chairman of the council of economic advisors. austen will be our guest on sunday and he will explain and defend the president's plan and then as you see on the screen, newt gingrich will also be there and give the republican perspective. >> shepard: chris wallace in washington. ] washington. ] great to talk to you. thanks. studio b is back for a final seth right after this. cial comy that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence.
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what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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>> shepard: a letter from the federal government is showing serious concerns about a new book. -- from the pentagon. a letter from the defense in
3:55 pm
tellence agency that names a book titled "operation dark heart." we are told it describes military operations in afghanistan and a project that identified one of the terrorists involved in the attacks of 9/11 before the attacks happened. our national security correspondent catherine herridge is in washington with details. my understanding is you spoke with the author of the book. what did he have to say about this? >> i spoke to him before he was ordered by army public affairs not discuss the bookle until the neglec negotiations are coe between the publisher and the defense agency. >> the defense intelligence agency took exception to the way the army cleared the book and a second review is now underway of the book. >> a little unusual? >> highly unusual, yes. >> what is the problem? >> the problem is there is apparently information in the book which dod isn't comfortable with and that is something i'm not entirely clear on what the information is they are not happy about.
3:56 pm
>> is the defense department trying to block your book? >> at this point they have blocked the book. >> the defense officials are in the process, shep of bying the entire first run or at least negotiating to buy the entire first run of the book which is 10,000 copies. >> shepard: what is the problem that is in this book? >> i obtained this letter from the dia, the defense intelligence agency that was sent to the army and makes allegations including claims that he and his publisher did not follow the proper review procedure and says dia preliminary classification review of the manuscript identified significant classified information that could be reasonly expected to cause serious damage to national security. the position of the author and publisher is that this information is widely available in the public domain and that they followed the procedure laid out for them by the army.
3:57 pm
>> shepard: and they think buying up 10,000 copies of the book is going to keep the information from getting out for real? >> i don't know. i find it interesting they have taken exception to the project able danger. i know through my reporting they tried to knock out sections related to the project. members claimed that they identified muhammad atta before 9/11. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. thanks for that. great to have you with us from jersey city, new jersey, in liberty park overlooking downtown manhattan. your world with neil cavuto is next, right after this captioned by closed captioning [ male announcer ] if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery,
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